After over a decade of sales I occasionally take a breather to reflect on the various sales tactics I’ve witnessed or tried.  It’s a long and embarrassing list traversing the emotional gamut from uncontrollable laughter to intense self-loathing. Personal favorite??? It has to be the photo of my stare down with the 300lb pound pig for the Fourth of July BBQ marketing piece.  It’s been five years and I still receive a couple of phone calls about it every Independence Day. While I still make it a point to afford my clients with the occasional laugh, most of my effort is focused on the more important goal of establishing myself as the trusted expert. It’s an undertaking but the results are well worth the effort. It entails continually educating myself in order to deliver helpful, pertinent information to clients. My latest tool is a site called ORLive.

ORLive is a website that broadcasts live videos form the surgical suite for free. The presentations are full surgeries at top hospitals, with educating commentary by the performing physicians. It affords medical device reps the opportunity to learn first hand about some of the latest surgeries and products. Take a few minutes exploring the site and see what you think.