So I spent a little time watching a unicompartment knee replacement with one of the new custom knee replacements units. First let me say that the fit and installation ease with these appears to be superior to off the shelf units. Each unit is custom built for the the patient using a 3d CT scan and comes with custom guides for installation, way cool. Toward the end of the surgery there was a practice that’s becoming more common and is being shown to help with post operative knee replacement recovery and pain management, injection of a cocktail of drugs into the joint capsule and surrounding tissue during the operation. For you orthopedic reps out there this represents an opportunity for you to bring your doctors another one of those informative tidbits that differentiate you from the competition.

Generally the cocktail will include a numbing agent, anti-biotic, morphine, and an antiinflammatory steroid. Studies have indicated marked post-op improvement in function, mobility, and patient satisfaction.  Examining the components in the cocktail, the improvements don’t come as a big surprise. I’ve included the link to the surgery as well as a short article on eOthopod about. I encourage you to do a little more research and bring something extra to your orthopedic surgeons today.

Video of a custom knee replacement

eOrthopod article


by Ward Sieben