I’m old, not really, but I feel that way some days. I’m old enough to remember when the first web browser came out my junior year of college. It took until graduation for the dial-up connect to download that first web page I attempted to open the year before. I also remember that first round of Fortune 500 sales training when they introduced ACT and computer based contact management systems. I know many a sales rep who turned to heavy drinking after unsuccessfully attempting to get ACT to do what they wanted. Fortunately times have changed and so have automated options for keeping in touch with your clients

If you’re not familiar with contact management systems and the effect they can have on your numbers you’re selling yourself short. They are a major tool in deepening client relationships, generating referral business, and staying at the forefront of your clients’ minds. While they should never replace networking or actual sales calls, they are an effective and powerful tool in your arsenal. I use a couple of different things in conjunction with each other but one of my favorites in Send Out Cards.

Send Out Cards is an online service that allows you to  design and send regular or custom cards. Specific campaigns can be set up for groups, individuals, or your entire client list. Let’s look at an example or two. I like to send my clients something personal once a quarter; holiday cards, birthdays, event invitations, etc. I can sit down for 45 minutes once a year and ensure that every single one of my clients receives these specific regular hand written cards exactly when I want without any additional effort or time whatsoever.  Send Out Cards fills out the cards, puts them in the envelopes, puts the stamps on them and drops them in the mail for about a dollar forty a piece. If a doctor shares with you that they’ve had a family member pass you can log in instantly and in under a minute send a signed card expressing your condolences before you ever have a chance to leave the office and forget. Handwritten cards are always opened, read every time, and consistently pass the gatekeeper at the front desk. Send Out Cards does chocolates and gifts too. I used it to send my mom brownies after she had a rough day last week. I’ve walked in six months later and still seen my card sitting on a back desk, something I can never claim about most other literature I’ve dropped off. It’s takes the work out of something we all know we should do but rarely have the time to follow through with. Drop by their web site and check it out soon.