“Absolutely I’ll read your blog”… I just never promised I’d get any farther than the third line.

Not the most inspiring intro for the guy looking to get you the end of this one. Don’t worry, I save my “So do you come here often” pitch for the Saturday evening crowd. The truth is most of us have been told, “if you want to build your business you should write a blog.” Ehhhh! Correction, you should PUBLISH a blog. There’s a difference, and those gory little details tend to determine whether your blog drives business or drives everyone you know into facial gestures closely resembling Kim Jong Il during a United Nations nuclear oversight meeting every time you ask what they thought about your latest post. Now that I’ve effectively insinuated that  there may be no one reading your blog aside from your mother, let’s get down to the brass tacks.

Blogging versus Advertising: Blogs are an asset

First of all, I’m going to take the soapbox and talk a little about why your business should publish a blog. Well here’s always the 900 lb. gorilla. Recent statistics cited by Hubspot indicated that an examination of 1500 small to medium business revealed that those with a blog experienced 55% more web traffic. Yep, blogs drive people in the virtual door. Now that I’ve embroiled your attention let’s keep going and look at blogging versus advertising. What happens tomorrow if I don’t pay my advertisers? My ads disappear right! My phone stops ringing, my inventory backs up, and suddenly I’m stuck with a living room full of those creepy garden gnomes I was previously selling like hotcakes. The company blog scenario paints a little different picture. Whether I’m spending marketing dollars or not the business blog visibly stays out there, and as long as I’ve provided relevant content to my prospective customers they continue to find and shop at my business… as an added bonus I don’t end up sharing the couch with four porcelain figurines in pointy red and green hats. In other words, the company blog becomes an asset that drives business in the door on a continuing basis. So how to I turn my blog into an asset.

Pull versus Push Marketing

The key stems from the mindset you use when you publish the blog versus writing it. Notice I keep chalking that publish word in there. Your company should be publishing interesting, useful, and relevant information designed to pull your potential customers in. Magazines, newspapers, and Ted Kopple all contemplate what’s going to capture the attention of their prospective audience prior to ever penning a single line of rhetoric and so should you. You’re company is giving useful information to the people you want to turn into customers. Yep, giving! Give, ask, then receive.  It’s like chumming the waters before I start trying to hook Jaws. Future customers are much more likely to bite my line while they’re salivating over the metaphorical chuck steak I’ve thrown in the water – I save the porterhouse for the client appreciation dinner after they’ve signed. It’s called “pull” versus “push” marketing and it’s dead on effective. If you’re that garden gnome company, you’re not sending people junk mail or spam (both push marketing) with the hope they’ll buy that oversized chachki they weren’t really looking for when they woke up this morning. Instead your blog is giving them information on all the hottest trends in landscape design, which happens to include that latest and greatest fashion statement, garden gnomes, including pictures and details on how they can pick theirs up today before you run out, “or they go the way of shag carpet and orange formica countertops… if garden gnomes are your thing you might refrain from mentioning that one.” Either way you get the gist. Your blog should pull them in with solid information on the radar of your future customer.

Call to Action

Ok, so now that we’ve established that you made it past the third line let’s wrap this bad boy up. I’m finishing you off with that all important piece, my blog call to action. I’ve given you the tip of the iceberg… the chuck steak so to speak… so if you want that porterhouse I need you to: look me up, give me a call, send me an email and if today’s not the day… come back and read my blog.