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Do Facebook likes affect SEO? 1 answer on Quora

Do Facebook likes affect SEO?


There’s a general fervor boiling through the business community around social media. Their eyes glaze over at it’s mere mention and the look on their faces resembles something akin to mine the first time I saw Daisy Duke in those shorts at the ripe old age of eleven. They’re right to be excited, there’s a lot of power there and a ton more is coming around the bend (we’re talking about social media again, not Daisy Duke, come on guys, focus). Truth is, I firmly believe every business should have a social media strategy, and that it needs to be bigger than having a Facebook business page, but more importantly it needs to fit into a overall online marketing scheme.

Facebook And The Rise Of The Social Media Marketing Company 

With all that excitement brewing it was only a matter of time before social media companies started appearing. The problem is that on it’s own social media marketing is pretty one sided, and if that’s your complete focus, you’re pigeonholing yourself into a much smaller segment of the market. I’m not saying your business won’t see results, it very likely will, but only a fraction of what’s possible. I tell clients online marketing is like a bike, the combination of the parts accomplishes much more than the individual pieces. I may get a bicycle wheel, fashion it into a unicycle, and get from A to B faster, but not nearly as quickly or efficiently as if I built the entire bike. When a business operates in just one area of the online marketing realm it’s effectively riding that unicycle. Hence lesson number one, don’t put all your eggs in the social media basket. That includes using your entire online marketing budget to hire a firm specialized in social media marketing.

Your Customers Use The Web In Different Ways

Your customers have a variety of different personalities and use the internet in equally different ways. Currently one out of every eight minutes online is spent on Facebook and 63% of business to consumer companies have picked up a client from Facebook (the number for B2B firms is 42%), those are some solid reasons why your company needs to have a Facebook business page. But those other seven minutes are spent somewhere and there are equally powerful statistics supporting blogs, online business listings, email marketing, and a host of other online marketing techniques. Type A customers in “buy mode” respond to online business listings, while your type B customer who is researching before she buys is often reading blogs.  Lesson two, a proper online marketing strategy outlines plans for all of these various tools.

Integration Is Key

The various online marketing tools need to connect and interrelate. Each serves a different purpose and your customers will use more than one, so make it easy for them to get to them. There need to be Facebook and Twitter feeds on your business website. When you publish a new blog article it needs to automatically post on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. The average person has to see a message six times before they register it, so show up in all the areas of the web and continue to drive things home. Lesson three, all of your businesses online marketing tools need to connect.

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